New Year in Istanbul 2024 | Top 9 Things to Do, Events, Parties & More!

Why Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a unique, culturally diverse city. It is full of history, the former centre of several ancient empires. The city is a huge attraction for history buffs, but everyone arrives in Istanbul to party come New Year's. The Turkish capital is a top European party destination, making it an ideal New Year's destination. You can also do a host of other things on New Year's in Istanbul, with a few of them covered in our guide.

Weather in Istanbul during New Year’s Eve

New Year in Istanbul - Weather in Istanbul during New Year’s Eve

Average temperature: 8°C

Highest temperature: 10°C

Lowest temperature: 6°C

Chances of rain: Showers are common

What to wear: Winter takes over Istanbul in December. The city is cold and wet, with temperatures falling 6°C or below in parts away from the sea. Warm clothes are needed to keep out the cold weather and ensure you also carry an umbrella to combat the rain.

What to look out for: It gets colder as you move away from the sea in Istanbul in December. Stay closer to the sea if you're not used to freezing temperatures.

Top 9 things to do in Istanbul on New Year's Eve

New Year in Istanbul - Boat tour over the Bosphorus waters

1. Boat tour over the Bosphorus waters

A tour over the Bosphorus waters on New Year's Eve is unique to Istanbul. The boat slowly travels away from the lit-up city and anchors randomly at a place that provides a smashing view of Istanbul on New Year's. Appetizers and drinks are served as you count down to the coming year and witness fireworks go off on the land.

Why visit?

  • Watching the fireworks go over Istanbul as the clock strikes 12 from a boat gives you the perfect view of the scene.
  • You can also dance and enjoy great food on the boat, welcoming the New Year with a memorable evening.
New Year in Istanbul - Walk through the Istiklal Street
New Year in Istanbul - Hit a nightclub

3. Hit a nightclub

Istanbul is a fantastic New Year's Eve party destination. It has fun nightclubs, each better than the other. Book early, as the demand is high, and you may not get an entry if the place is packed.

Why visit?

  • Nightclubs in Istanbul promise an unforgettable New Year's Eve with an energetic atmosphere.
  • The music, the energy, the lights, the stage shows, and the vibe of every nightclub in the Turkish capital are unbeatable.
New Year in Istanbul - Enjoy Istanbul from a rooftop bar

4. Enjoy Istanbul from a rooftop bar

Istanbul on New Year's Eve is something else. A rooftop bar is perfect for watching the Turkish capital at its glowing best. You can enjoy drinks and food with your friends, listen to good music, and get a bird's eye view of the city.

Why visit?

  • A rooftop bar takes you away from the busy streets and clubs.
  • You can have a pleasant time with your friends and enjoy amazing views of Istanbul.
New Year in Istanbul - Admire Istanbul from Galata Tower
New Year in Istanbul - Party on the streets of Istanbul

6. Party on the streets of Istanbul

Don't worry if you can't find a nightclub or restaurant for New Year's Eve in Istanbul. The city's streets turn into party hotspots themselves, with New Year celebrations lasting all night long. Most district municipalities in Istanbul organize a New Year party, so you have several options.

Why visit?

  • Streets in Istanbul are no less than nightclubs on New Year's Eve. They host amazing parties lasting all night.
  • You can welcome the New Year with thousands of guests on Taksim and Baghdad Street.
New Year in Istanbul - Discover Istanbul on a bus

7. Discover Istanbul on a bus

Touring the city on foot on New Year's Eve can be challenging. A city bus is an excellent option, as it gives you a tour of the major attractions in Istanbul. Hop onto a double-decker and enjoy the finest spots in Istanbul.

Why go on a bus tour?

  • Bus tours cover over 40 landmarks in Istanbul, giving you a chance to see the top spots in the city on New Year's Eve.
  • You can visit and explore different destinations in Istanbul in one go.
New Year in Istanbul - Take a traditional Turkish bath

8. Take a traditional Turkish bath

Looking for a low-key way to celebrate New Year in Istanbul? We got an idea! A traditional Turkish bath, also called Hammam, is all you need. It'll relax your muscles, refresh your body, and transport you to the New Year before the clock strikes 12.

Why visit?

  • Hammam will provide a relaxing experience, preparing you for the year ahead.
  • It is perfect for the cold Turkish weather in December.
New Year in Istanbul - Whirling Dervishes Show

9. A night out at the Whirling Dervishes Show

Inspired by Rumi, a famous Islamic mystical poet, "Sema," a whirling dance ceremony, is an essential heritage of the Islam culture. A night out at the Whirling Dervishes Show is an unusual but fun New Year's Eve event that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Why visit?

  • Sema is a traditional and beautiful ceremony part of Islam culture. It's great to learn about it on New Year's Eve.
  • Hodjapasha Culture Center in Sirkeci, Eminonu, is one of the best places to experience the ceremony.

Plan your New Year Eve in Istanbul

Getting around
Where to eat
Where to stay
New Year in Istanbul - Getting Around

Bus - Operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul's bus system is effective and runs the length of the city. They run daily between 6 AM and midnight.

Tram - Trams are an excellent way to see and move around the city. While four tram lines are available, the Bagcilar-Kabatas (T1) Tram is the best to get around the most touristy attractions in Istanbul.

Metro - Istanbul metro has six lines that serve the city's European side. One ride costs four Turkish, but if you have an Istanbulkart card, you pay 2.30 Turkish lira per ride.

Ferry - Ferries in Istanbul are called vapurlar. They're operated by Sehir Hatlari and depart multiple times daily from the city's European and Asian sides.

Tips for celebrating New Year's Eve in Istanbul

  • Istanbul is a fabulous New Year destination because it is a major party destination in Europe.
  • December is a chilly month in Istanbul. Carry warm clothing to enjoy New Year's Eve without falling sick.
  • Since Istanbul attracts thousands of tourists during New Year, book your flight tickets early to avoid paying high prices.
  • There is high demand for nightclubs and restaurants in Istanbul. Book your table a few days in advance.
  • Public transport is the best way to move around Istanbul. It is faster and more affordable than private vehicles.

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Frequently asked questions about celebrating New Year's Eve in Istanbul

What are the best things to do in Istanbul on New Year?

Istanbul is a popular destination to celebrate New Year. You can party all night, enjoy dinner at a rooftop restaurant, take a traditional Turkish bath, or celebrate on the streets of New Year.

What are the most popular things to do in Istanbul on New year?

Partying in nightclubs is one of the popular things to do in Istanbul on New Year. You can also enjoy dinner at a rooftop restaurant and countdown to the New Year on the streets of Istanbul.

What are a few offbeat things to do on New year in Istanbul?

A traditional Turkish bath is one of the offbeat things to do on New Year in Istanbul. It is a relaxing experience, rejuvenating you ahead of the coming year.

What are a few kid-friendly things to do on New year in Istanbul?

A bus tour is a kid-friendly thing to do on New Year in Istanbul. They can see the best city attractions and groove to the passing wind.

Is it crowded on New Year's Day in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a top tourist destination on New Year's Day in Istanbul. It is a crowded place, but you'll have fun nonetheless.

Is Istanbul safe during the New Year?

Yes, Istanbul is a safe destination during New Year. However, beware of your valuables when visiting clubs and restaurants.

What are Istanbul's best events/festivals/parties on the New Year?

Parties at nightclubs in Istanbul are special. You can dance to the best music and crowd and enjoy your favourite drinks before the New Year.

Which is the best place to watch fireworks in New Year in Istanbul?

Bosphorus waterfront area and rooftop restaurants are the best places to watch fireworks on New Year in Istanbul.

What's the weather like on New Year's Eve in Istanbul?

Istanbul enjoys cool and pleasant weather on New Year's Eve in Istanbul. The average temperature is around 8°C, while the temperature at night can reach 6°C. Showers are also common in December in Istanbul.

Which clubs in Istanbul have good events during New Year's Eve?

Taksim Club IQ, Temple club, and Ritim are clubs hosting the best New Year's Eve party in Istanbul. You can also enjoy amazing concerts at Dorock XL, W Istanbul, and IF Performance Hall on New Year's Eve in Istanbul.

What are some budget-friendly options to stay in Istanbul during New Year?

White House Hotel Istanbul, Hotel Yasmak Sultan, and Skalion Hotel & Spa are a few budget-friendly stay options in Istanbul.

What are some luxury stay options in Istanbul?
Where can I find good brunch options in Istanbul?
Why is Istanbul popular for New Year's Eve?

Istanbul is popular because of its parties on New Year's Eve. Clubs and concert halls host thrilling New Year celebrations that last until dawn.